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Behringer FLOW8 podcasting studio  ·  Source: YouTube/Threshold and Attack

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open on the FLOW8, via our affiliate partner Thomann here.

Behringer has finally shown their hand in the podcasting and streaming market with the FLOW8 digital mixer. Offering mobile device integration, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and a host of clever features at a crazy low price. Has the competition for Zoom and RODE just hotted up?

Behringer FLOW8

Earlier this year, Behringer dropped the Wing digital mixing desk and left us a hint of things to come. In the reveal video we were told there may be a baby digital desk to come, and today we’ve found out what that desk is!

Say hello everyone to the FLOW8, a teeny-tiny digital mixing desk with mobile app control. The timing of the FLOW8 is perfect, as the market place for podcasting and streaming solutions is red hot thanks to the COVID pandemic. So has Behringer brought the fight to RODE and Zoom?

Taking a look through the specs, FLOW8 is a slightly more “open-ended” product than something like a Zoom Podtrak P4. The FLOW8 offers you 8 inputs (four of them mic inputs), 2 FX processors, and a multi-band graphic EQ over the main outputs. Bluetooth audio connectivity is provided, and additionally, there’s a USB audio connection to your computer.

App Control

You’ll notice there are few physical controls on the FLOW8, aside from the 60mm channel faders. Importantly, Behringer has opted for app control of parameters rather than give us lots of knobs or a touch screen. It’s a smart move as it reduces the size and cost of the mixer as well as giving you easy remote control of your settings. There’s even an EZ Gain function which promises auto gain setting and phantom power selection for first-time users. Nicely done Behringer!

Altogether then, we think the FLOW8 is a great solution for anyone after an affordable, versatile mixer/streaming solution. Equally an excellent choice for intimate coffee shop live gigs as it is for podcasting or live streaming. At €229 it’s difficult to argue with the value on offer at this price point…

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  1. Ugo says:

    Mah… I still think the XR12 is a way better choice for the same money.

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