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Cherry Audio modules

Cherry Audio modules  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular virtual Eurorack environment has picked up a bunch of new modules from developers Vult, Ben Davis and M*4.



Vult has already got several modules ruling the rack of Voltage Modular along with a range for VCV Rack and a couple of adventures into hardware. These latest additions bring four new modules to the platform.

Voltage Modular Vult modules

Voltage Modular Vult modules

  • Trummor2 is a multi-synthesis based drum and percussion module. It can generate FM drums, analogue kicks, metalic claps, blips, blops and resonated karplus-strong strings.
  • Quincunx is based on the concept of pegs and balls probability also known as the “bean machine” or “Galton board”. It generates voltages and pulses based on the destination probability of balls falling through a board of pegs. Sounds like fun!
  • Dopamine is some kind of forgetful learning sequencer in which you train neurons by loving or hating the generated sequence. I guess it’s a module that aims to please.
  • Decline is an EQ, so that’s easy.

They are $10 each and the first three have been added to the Vult Fury Bundle for free and Dopamine finds itself in the Vult Rage Bundle.

Ben Davis

Here’s 9 new modules for your collection.

  • Preset Voltage lets you save up to 16 snapshots of voltage levels.
  • Quantizer – just turn on the notes you want.
  • RSG generates repeating random sequences.
  • Ranger is an 8-step sequencer that lets you randomise each step between min and max values.
  • MCLK is a 6 channel clock.
  • Chorus/Flanger is a bit of an effect.
  • Xandor is a logic matrix.
  • Dad is an envelope generate that puts a Delay before the Attack and Decay.
  • Recur – it loops and polyrhthms.
Voltage Modular Ben Davis

Voltage Modular Ben Davis

They all cost between $10 and $12 individually. You can get the first four as a “Sequencer Bundle” for $25 or the lot for $52.



M*4 has a triplet of envelopes for $15.

Voltage Modular M*4

Voltage Modular M*4


More information

  • Cherry Audio news page.


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Cherry Audio modules

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