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Voltage Modular Poly modules

Voltage Modular Poly modules  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


Cherry Audio has released a significant update to their Voltage Modular Eurorack simulation. Version 1.1.1 introduces a bunch of polyphonic modules to mess with your modular workflow in delightful ways.


Voltage Modular 1.1.1

11 new polyphonic modules have been added to the Voltage Core package. This would normally bring a whole load of challenges in terms of massively increasing the cabling and potentially making patching a lot more complex. However, Cherry Audio has quite cleverly dealt with this by introducing polyphonic jacks. So you can still use a single cable to patch polyphonic modules into each other and out to the I/O strip at the top.

The new polyphony modules include Poly Oscillator, Poly Filter, Poly Envelope Generator, Poly Amplifier, Poly Glide, Poly 6-Input Mixer, Poly To Mono CV, Poly Multiple, Mono CV To Poly, Poly CV Merge, and Mono CV Mult.

Voltage Modular has had polyphonic patches before using combinations of the existing monophonic oscillators, but they do get messy very quickly. With this Poly range of modules it introduces a different way of working, almost a subset or polyphonic ecosystem within the larger world of Voltage Modular.

Module Designer

The other cool feature in this update is that you now get access to the Module Designer for free. You can design your own modules by dragging and dropping knobs, switches, sockets and other bits and pieces all over a customised front panel. Programming is done using Java in the integrated code editor. Much of the code is generated automatically and the SDK includes a large library of audio processing classes for oscillators, filters, envelopes and so on. That’s really very cool.

Cherry Audio Module Designer

Cherry Audio Module Designer · Source: Robin Vincent

The included license is a personal license so any modules you create are for your own personal use only. If you want to submit your modules to the store then you’ll need to buy the $99 commercial license.

Voltage Modular continues to evolve in very pleasing ways. With over 100 modules in the core and 50 in the store, it’s good to see it grow.

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Voltage Modular Poly modules

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One response to “Voltage Modular 1.1.1 introduces polyphonic modules and free Module Designer”

    Dave says:

    It’s almost like they *wanted* their software to look like an ugly VST plug-in from 1998… is anyone actually using this when VCV is free, open source, and has way more modules?

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