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Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


Cherry Audio has announced that their entry-level version of Voltage Modular is now free to download. It comes with 22 modules that you can patch together in a virtual Eurorack. Normally it costs €29.


Voltage Modular Nucleus

It’s a complete virtual modular synthesis package and it could keep you amused for days. It’s designed to look and feel like Eurorack but with the added bonus of working within your DAW and being able to route out MIDI to control other aspects of your setup. It’s colourful and engaging and this is a great way to have a go dipping your toe into modular synthesis.

You get access to their main oscillator, filter, VCA and envelope generator – everything you need to build a synth voice. But there’s a lot more on offer here. It has an 8-step Sequencer and Arpeggiator, Glide and an Attenuverter, VU Meter, Mixer and a Mini LFO module. There are a bunch of useful effects like Delay, Reverb, Distortion and there are Noise Generators, Sample & Hold and Ring Modulation.


That’s a whole world of stuff to mess with and remember that because this is a virtual environment there’s no limit (outside of the power of your computer) to how many of each module you can run. It also comes with 130 presets to get your mind boggled at the possibilities.

Voltage Modular Nucleus is available for free now for Windows and MacOS in plug-in and standalone form and all it requires is your email address so they can send you the license. Once installed you’ll get access to the online shop where you can buy further modules if the mood takes you.

Thanks Cherry Audio!

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Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus

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    stephen says:

    it does not seem to be fee still 29euro anybody know what’s up? or can anyone help?

    Much luv…

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