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Arcaico Warhorse

Arcaico Warhorse  ·  Source: Arcaico

From Arcaico and Scuderia comes WARHORSE thundering into your rack pulling some hefty VCA integrated distortion, BBD delay and Wasp style filtering. Available as a Eurorack module or guitar pedal.


It’s a multi-effects unit combining a VCA with distortion circuit, a multi-mode filter with Lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch inspired by the EDP Wasp synthesizer and a BBD/Tape echo delay up to 1.1 seconds. This is a nice selection of cool things stuffed into one module.

The VCA is simple enough with CV control over the level and a separate drive knob. The filter with selectable modes offers cutoff and resonance knobs with CV control that can take both positive and negative voltages. The delay section is a digital/analogue hybrid that emulates a classic BBD and tape delay. Delay time can be CV controlled and the Feedback has a tone control to lighten or darken the repeats.

The pedal version is self-powered and includes a bypass button and additional jack in/outs. I find that a little strange because a bypass is actually a useful thing to have in a Eurorack effects module but for some reason it’s a rarity – why not leave it in there?

WARHORSE is a great looking and exciting Eurorack module that could be devastatingly useful in your rack for pushing sounds into all sorts of wonderfully horrible places. Check this out:

Here’s the pedal version in action:


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