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Eventide Euro DDL

Eventide Euro DDL  ·  Source: Eventide


Eventide are newcomers to the world of Eurorack. Unless you count the awesome Space guitar pedal conversion by Ninstrument. Their first official module is a Eurorack version of the DDL-500 digital delay line, 500 series module, called Euro DDL. It was previewed at Superbooth but Eventide tell me it’s ready for release at Summer NAMM tomorrow.


Euro DDL

A Digital Delay Line with an Analog Soul

That’s their tagline and it’s pretty apt for a module that features digital processing but within an analog signal path, routing and control. It’s all about keeping the digital side to a bare minimum – it does the delay and then puts it back into the analog domain. Along with sample rates up to 192 kHz it’s going to give it a very natural sound.

The Euro DDL features up to 10 seconds of delay at 192 kHz or you can run up to 160 seconds at a more lo-fi sample rate of 16 kHz. It shares the big LED display with the DDL-500 to show delay time in seconds and milliseconds. On the analog side there’s soft saturation clipping, a low pass filter, feedback, an insert loop, relay bypass and a +20dB boost circuit. There’s a nice “infinite feedback” button which is probably a lot of fun.

The DDL-500 gave you the option of sweeping the delay times with an expression pedal. This, of course, has been translated to CV control, so by applying an LFO to a short delay time you can generate comb filter and flanging effects. Everything is CV controllable, from the delay time to the feedback, the clock, kill switch and multiplier.


I confess that it’s not very exciting to look at, although the red LED display would look fabulous on any rack (shame they don’t show it off in the official photos). However, there’s loads of control, lots of modulation possibilities and a nice long delay time to play with.

The Euro DDL should be available in August for $473. More information on the Eventide website.

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Eventide Euro DDL

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