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Befaco upgradable modules

Befaco upgradable modules  ·  Source: Befaco


That’s right, Befaco will exchange old modules for new. If a new hardware version of your Befaco module is released you can send your old one back and upgrade to the new one. Awesome, what’s the catch? Well, no one said it was for free. You get a hefty 50% discount on the new module. 


Befaco Upgrade

It’s an interesting idea and certainly helpful to people who get frustrated when a new version of a module appears with lots of lovely new features that you can’t afford. It also takes the hassle out of trying to sell your modules in order to raise some cash for the new version. 50% isn’t a bad discount, although you’d probably get a bit more for it if you did sell it second hand.


So what are the rules?

  • Only applicable for fully built modules in working condition or that ever worked before.
  • You can choose either assembled or kit module for your purchase.
  • Only applicable for a newer version of the same module or similar feature. For example, you cannot get a rampage if you send us a VCO v2. But you can get a Hex VCA sending over a valve VCA.

Then all you have to do is buy an “Upgrade Plan” ticket in the shop for €1.21, send your module to Befaco in Barcelona and they’ll create an order for you on receipt.

I think it’s a great way to reward your customers and build in some module loyalty. What will happen to all those old modules and is it a sustainable policy? I don’t know, so take advantage of it while you can!

More information

  • Befaco shop upgrade page.
Befaco upgradable modules

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