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Befaco rig

Befaco rig  ·  Source: gearnews


The black, white and red of Befaco gained three more modules at the show: Kickall, Muxlicer and Burst. Let’s check them out.



It’s a kick drum in 6hp, designed to make that familiar and perfect-for-any-situation kick drum sound. It has control over tuning, a pitch envelope, a nice big knob for the waveshape between software sine wave to harder square wave and a cool slider for the decay. Simple but effective – nice.

Befaco Kickall

Befaco Kickall · Source: gearslutz


It’s something between a sequential switch and a sequencer. It offers digital control over clock and tempo with multiply and division on the clock and number of gates per step. Every step has an input so the slider becomes an attenuator and as this is a switch you can have 8 signals going to 1 or 1 going to 8. You can chain up more than one to increase the size of your sequence or to create a switching monster. There is also a tap tempo feature as well as two clock dividers and two multipliers.

Not fully understanding this one but something tells me that there’s some fabulous stuff going on here.

Befaco Muxlicer

Befaco Muxlicer · Source: gearnews


The last new module is Burst, which is a trigger burst generator. Hit it with a trigger and it generates a load of triggers in response. There are controls over the number of triggers, the probability, distribution, timing and all sorts.

Befaco Burst and Kickall

Befaco Burst and Kickall · Source: gearnews

Befaco modules often give the impression of being quite simple but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes of these modules.

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Befaco rig

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