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Roland System-8

Roland System-8  ·  Source: Roland

The System-8 is the top-end device of the AIRA range of groovy green music-making machines. It’s an analogue modelling polysynth with the ability to load up fully realised versions of other classic Roland synths. It’s a lot of fun but Roland isn’t done with it yet. Firmware version 1.2 brings some really decent new goodies and improvements.

System-8 1.2

The first addition is two FM oscillator variations. The first variation has six FM waveforms produced by two sine-wave operators, the second variation gets more complex with a combination of three sine-wave operations and two triangle-wave oscillators. These digital tones take the System-8 into areas it’s never visited before, with electric pianos, bells, harmonics and inharmonics with vocal and formant characteristics.

They’ve added five new variations to the filters. This brings in a Jupiter-8 high and low-pass filter, a Juno-106 high and low-pass filter, two formant filters and a harmonic filter which uses feedback to vary the overtones.

The final new feature is an overdub mode for the step-sequencer. Other than that there’s a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes.

The V1.2 update is available to download from the Roland website.

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