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Roland System-500

Roland System-500  ·  Source: Roland

We saw them at the Puma TR-808 trainers launch party, but now Roland has officially announced four new System-500 modules.


Roland brought System-500 to Eurorack with Malekko Heavy Industry back in 2015. Designed as an evolution of their System 100m modular system. Now we have four new modules to add to the collection. Let’s check them out.


All-in-one synthesizer voice based on the 110 from the System 100m. Three waveform oscillator with a two input filter and VCA. It’s all normalled behind the scenes so it can work without any patching. It’s a whole little Roland synth ready to go in 20hp.


This is a filter that takes its inspiration from the Roland SH-5 synthesizer. On one side there’s a multi-mode filter and on the other is a fixed bandpass filter. 2 inputs for each filter and CV control over cutoff, resonance and VCA.


A combination of the System 100m 150 and 165 utility modules. It has dual portamento circuits, Sample & Hold with 7 different waveforms and an external input and lag adjustment. There’s an LFO and a ring modulator and pink and white noise.


Based on the System 100m 131 output module. 6 audio channels, performance friendly mute buttons, faders, CV controllable pan pots and jack and minijack outputs. There’s also a stereo preamp input and a full size headphone socket.

That’s all pretty awesome. Roland will have these at Superbooth in a couple of days time. No confirmation on pricing yet but the existing modules come in at around £350 each.

More information

Roland System-500 page.

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