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The SYSTEM-500 512  ·  Source:


The SYR-E84 case  ·  Source:


The SYSTEM-500 530  ·  Source:


The SYSTEM-500 540  ·  Source:


The SYSTEM-500 572  ·  Source:


The SYSTEM-500 512  ·  Source:


Great news for all you synth heads out there: Roland has expanded its AIRA lineup with a buch of new modules based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synth. The SYSTEM-500 is totally analogue in construction and is now Eurorack-compatible, giving you the sound of a vintage instrument with the workflow advantages of this newer format.


The SYSTEM-500 512 is a dual VCO module with dedicated pulse, triangle and saw wave outputs and the ability to sync each oscillator’s frequency to the other to create sync effects. The 521 (you’ll notice a pattern here) is a dual VCF voltage controlled filter with two separate low pass filters, fixed high pass filter and audio and CV input mixers on each channel. The 530 is a dual VCA for controlling the loudness of the audio signals and each VCA has three sliders for an audio input mixer as well as three for mixing CV.


Keeping the naming convention going, the 540 is a dual envelope generator and LFO with two independent ADSR envelope sections for controlling other modules in the series. These let you add movement and modulation to your patches which is a key component of designing synth sounds. Effects come courtesy of the 572 module, a phase shifter, delay and LFO that uses tempo-based circuits to add depth to your sound.

Instead of having these modules clattering around on a table, Roland would like you to fix them all into its new SYR-E84 Eurorack case which also happens to have a high capacity power supply in addition to an aluminium enclosure and wooden side panels for vintage looks. The “clean” power supply has been specially designed to power modular synths and effects.

Pricing for these awesome-looking modules has yet to be announced and we can’t be sure what they’ll sound like just yet, but in the meantime you can read more about them at

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