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Roland System 500

Roland System 500  ·  Source: Dj lab

Roland System 500 531

Roland System 500 531  ·  Source: dj lab

Roland System 500 505

Roland System 500 505  ·  Source: Dj lab

Roland System 500 510

Roland System 500 510  ·  Source: Dj Lab

Roland System 500 555

Roland System 500 555  ·  Source: Dj Lab

Roland System 500

Roland System 500  ·  Source: CDM


While we were all fussy over the new Puma/Roland TR-808 trainers apparently the launch event in Berlin also had a small Roland System 500 rack knocking around. More importantly, this rack had some modules in it that we haven’t seen before and haven’t been announced.


New System 500 Modules

The current System 500 range contains the 512 dual oscillator, 521 dual filter, 530 dual VCA, 540 dual ADSR and 572 effects. The images from the Berlin Puma launch are showing something else:

  • 510 – Synth. A complete synth voice with 3 waveforms, PWM, filter and modulation.
  • 505 – VCF. A dual multimode filter.
  • 531 – Mix. 6 channels of CV controlled mixing.
  • 555 – LAG/S&H. A multi-functional modulation device with Portamento, S&H, Noise and Ring Modulation.

Unexpected to say the least, but very welcome.

There’s no official information from Roland at this time but I imagine that will be forthcoming sooner rather than later. It’s awesome that Roland is still investing in Eurorack and the System 500 and I look forward to hearing more about them and getting myself some new trainers.

More information

  • Images first appeared on DJ Lab website.
  • No new information on the Aira Modular page yet.
Roland System 500

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