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Midnight Black Reverend Matt West Signature model in black

Reverend Matt West Signature model in Midnight Black  ·  Source: Reverend


The new Reverend Matt West Signature model is a single pickup, cut-down all-out rock machine. Its simple layout and design seems to say: this can take anything you throw at it. The Neck Deep guitarist has gone with a cutback, almost hot-rodded design for his new axe.


Matt West

The new Reverend Matt West Signature guitar comes in two finishes, Midnight Black or Powder Yellow. Each one uses Korina for the body wood, and both colour versions have a maple neck with a modern 12″ radius fitted with 22 medium jumbo frets and a reverse headstock.

With a Wilkinson WVS50 tremolo for a bridge and locking Pin-Lock tuners, I would think it’ll have no problem staying in tune, even with heavy trem abuse. I have owned a guitar with the same tremolo and they are solidly built and almost impossible to put out of tune. Reverend has also included a Boneite nut to help with that tuning stability, so it should be fairly friction-free if you keep it maintained.

The neck uses six bolts to hold it in place rather than the more usual four, so it shouldn’t budge a millimetre!

Reverend Matt West Signature model in Powder Yellow

Reverend Matt West Signature model in Powder Yellow

Bass Contour

The single P90 style Reverend 9A5 bridge pickup comes wired to Volume and Tone controls as well as a with a Bass Contour knob. You should be able to coax a wide range of tones from it, even though it’s a single-pickup design.

I like single pickup guitars. It seems a bonus to have the extra bass contour control on top of the usual volume and passive tone control, as it will allow you to make that single P90 sound more or less like a single-coil. You might conceivably be able to emulate a humbucker-type tone with the extra bass dialled in.

Overall, this instrument reminds me a little of a scaled back, hot-rodded, Van Halen-style Super Strat in that it has a single pickup and trem that should stay in tune under heavy abuse. A great-looking instrument, this.

RRP- USD 1199

Reverend Matt West Signature model product page

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