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Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A  ·  Source: Radikal Technologies

Radikal Technologies Paraphonic module

Radikal Technologies Paraphonic module  ·  Source: Radikal Technologies Facebook


Radikal Technologies have shared a Facebook post by one of their employees, Jorg Schaaf, that shows what looks like the front panel of a completely new paraphonic synth voice. UPDATE: And now we have a decent photo of at least half the synth plus a name – Delta Cep A – whatever that may mean.


Paraphonic Eurorack synth?

On the Facebook post Jorg says:

Nothing compares to this special moment, when you assemble a new frontpanel with knobs, LEDs and buttons for the first time.

Some of the comments on the post suggest it’s a mock-up and also ask what happened to the background. It does seem rather harshly cut into white space. Jorg’s reply (translated from the German by Google) was:

If I had not cut the background radically, one would have seen the bogus victim of my aspirations – a lousy studio

In the new image of the Delta Cep A we can see quite clearly that it has a “Swarm Oscillator”, at least one LFO and a MIDI-2-CV converter. It does appear to be Eurorack in nature although there’s a weird 3D render video on Twitter which puts it in a desktop case. Also from that we can see that it consists of 7 modules after the MIDI section and so is a complete synthesizer.


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From the original image we can see that it says “Paraphonic” which suggests multiple oscillators (Swarm) and at least two voices but sharing a signal path through a single VCA, envelope and filter. Although the mixer section only appears to have one knob for OSC and another for External In. Left to right we appear to get modulation, mixer, VCF, ADSR and VCA. There are plenty of patch points and the overall size suggests it’s designed for Eurorack, in fact, you can see one mounting hole just above the VCF. However, there are a couple of blue-backed labels “MODWHEEL” and “KB-SCALE” that you would tend to only find on a synthesizer with the keyboard and mod wheel. The only other thing to spot is something to do with effects on the far right.

So by the shape of it was have a Paraphonic Eurorack modular synthesizer voice from Radikal Technologies with a very weird name that we will indeed get to see at NAMM. A quick Google suggests it could be named after Delta Cephei the Bayer designation for a quadruple star system located approximately 887 light-years away in the northern circumpolar constellation of Cepheus, the King. Looking forward to this one.

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Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A

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