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Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A  ·  Source: Radikal Technologies

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A  ·  Source: Radikal Technologies

Radikal Technologies just couldn’t contain themselves any longer. After a few teasing images and promising no information until the NAMM show they have published the full specs of the Delta CEP A online. And now a video!

Delta CEP A

It is everything that we guessed it was by analysing the images. It’s a semi-modular paraphonic synth voice, designed for both standalone and Eurorack integration. It’s a complete sound source by itself containing everything you need to start making and modulation noises while leaving itself open to independent patching. And it has some very cool stuff inside.

First of all, we need to talk about the oscillator. It’s a “swarm oscillator” which can employ up to 8 oscillators to create chords, clusters or detuned sounds. I’m assuming it’s based on a simplified version of the fabulous RT-311 Swarm Oscillator. This is a paraphonic synth which means whatever the oscillator is generating it goes through the same signal path. So although it can play chords when tuned to them, it’s not polyphonic.

On the left side, there’s an Interpolator which can store patch memories and allows for automatic sequential recall and crossfading between patches. Next, there’s a MIDI-2-CV converter which can be used for the Delta CEP A as well as being able to route out to other modules. Then there’s a 5 waveform LFO and jumping over the oscillator we find a mixer for adding noise and an external input. The multimode filter section has one analogue and one digital filter to play with, before running into a normalised ADSR and VCA section. Rounding it off is a strangely undescribed FX section. But we can guess at a bit of delay and chorus judging by the controls.

Each section has patch points so that they can be used as independent modules within your Eurorack.

It’s looking pretty excellent at the moment and I can’t wait to hear some demos – oh, here they are – below. Price and availability yet to be announced. If you are at NAMM at the end of January then go an check it out on booth 10508.

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