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Radikal Technologies

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Radikal Technologies plans to show their new RT562 Dual Filter and RT1936 Preamp & Envelope Follower Eurorack modules at Superbooth. The only details we have so far is the photo but we can pull quite a lot of information from them. 


RT562 Vibrant Blue Dual Filter

The new modules from Radical Technologies are following the vibe of the Delta CEP A with the Vibrant Blue livery moving on from the orange splash of the RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter. The RT562 does follow a similar idea in terms of offering a dual filter with multiple modes and lots of CV control.

Both sides get switches for lowpass, highpass and bandpass which appear to be selectable in combination. Two CV inputs offer control over the cutoff while another gives modulation to resonance (Q). The big knob in the middle gathers up control over the cutoff of both filters letting you hang onto the tones in either series or parallel with the one knob. The Gain knob looks like the kind of thing that would be dialling in the warmth. If the RT-451 is anything to go by this is going to be epic.

RT1936 Preamp & Envelope

It may be in the same colours but the RT1936 has a very different purpose. It has a Hi-Z input for guitar that can then benefit from the Drive and EQ Sections for a bit of modular processing. You can then take the signal back out to your amp or route it through the rest of your modular.

While the guitar’s going through the module the RT1936 will strip out a copy of the envelope which can be used normally or inverted, along with a gate, through your rack.

Each section is bypassable and it can handle a line input as well.


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Both these modules look great if a bit more generously proportioned than I can usually cope with. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action.

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