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UDO Audio Super 6

UDO Audio Super 6  ·  Source: Hand in Hand

UDO Audio Super 6

UDO Audio Super 6  ·  Source: Hand in Hand

Although the UDO Audio website and social media feeds remain largely dormant details of the eagerly awaited Super 6 synthesizer pop-up on the distributor’s website and some stores have started taking preorders.

Super 6

UK distributor Hand in Hand has posted some new images and specifications for the synthesizer that wowed us at Superbooth in May. Some of this we already know but it’s good to get things firmed up.

Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic analogue-hybrid synthesizer. The main oscillator is a 7-core super-wavetable oscillator with “Waveform Download”. A second DDS oscillator has FM, sync, a sub-oscillator and X-Fade modes. The sound engine is built on a flexible hybrid FPGA platform with an analogue voice architecture. It has many LFOs and envelopes tied to a modulation matrix. There are an arpeggiator and step sequencer and a 24-bit dual stereo digital effects engine at the end.

Much is said about the “Binaural Analogue Signal Path” and this refers to the twin synthesizer signal paths. In Binaural mode each channel has a complete synthesizer. You can detune and de-phase the left and right oscillators, and associated synth voice elements, relative to each other which give an interesting stereo vibe and 3D positioning. This takes the 12-voices of a traditional stereo field and makes 6 “Super Voices” that use 2-voices each – hence the Super 6. You can decouple all this binaural stuff and just use it as a 12-voice synth if you prefer.

The retail price for the Super 6 has been quoted as £2300. Turnlab in Belgium has started taking preorders at €2499. Stock is not expected to arrive until early 2020.

More information

  • UDO Audio website with no information here.
  • Hand in Hand website with better information here.


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