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UDO Super 6

UDO Super 6  ·  Source: UDO

Exciting news just in that UDO has completed the first series of SUPER 6 production and will be making their way to dealers and filling preorders very soon.



One of the most delicious synthesizers to emerge from last year’s Superbooth is the 12-voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer with super-wave technology – really rolls off the tongue. Let’s just call it the Super 6.

Super 6 uses FPGA digital hardware to model the oscillators before running it through voltage controlled analogue circuitry. The sounds we’ve been hearing have been gorgeous. The main oscillator is a 7-core super-wavetable and that’s backed up with a DDS oscillator with FM, sync, sub oscillator and crossfade modes. The voice architecture is a flexible FPGA/ANalogue hybrid and the binaural side moves the signal path into stereo movement and spatial effects. And there are a lot of digital effects too.

UDO Audio Super 6

UDO Audio Super 6

Sound examples and deep dive demos have been thin on the ground and so a lot of the buzz around this synth has come from the people who got to play it at Superbooth or NAMM this year. But there’s no doubt that this has captured a lot of people’s imagination.

The UDO Super 6 is orderable in black or blue for £2,295.

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