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OPFXS Dig Deep - Bye, bye bass players!

OPFXS Dig Deep - Bye, bye bass players!  ·  Source: OPFXS


As a guitarist, I always had problems with octavers. Until recent years, most of them could only handle one note being played at once, and the tracking was shockingly bad. But if what Italian manufacturer OPFXS says about its new Dig Deep octave pedal is true, you won’t have any of those problems.


Dig Deep

Everything about the new Dig Deep pedal looks a bit, well, different. Operating the Dig Deep uses only two controls: Volume for Clean and Volume for the octave tone. This unit can also be used as a pitch-shifter. Given how easy this thing looks to use, you can’t really go wrong. No menus, no algorithms to tweak…

But more interesting is the way the Dig Deep Pedal works. In contrast to many other octave pedals, it doesn’t use all the tones and overtones and then try to push everything up or down. Instead, it takes the chord and uses only the lowest note, pitching it down accordingly. Whether you are playing single note lines, chords or arpeggios it appears to be able to handle them all pretty much flawlessly.

OPFXS Dig Deep - Bye, bye bass players!

OPFXS Dig Deep – Bye, bye bass players! · Source: OPFXS

Clean or Distorted

You can use it on both clean or distorted signals and from what OPXFS says, it should be able to handle everything from guitar to synth as an input source. Sack your bass player and split the money less ways!


Seriously, though, looking at the demo video it does appear to do a cracking job of adding those low tones where you would need them.

RRP – EUR 150

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OPFXS Dig Deep pedal

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