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Mr Black Mini Octaves pedal

Mr Black Mini Octaves pedal  ·  Source: Mr Black


The new Octaves pedal is a miniature polyphonic octave generator designed and hand-built in Portland, USA. This is the second release from Mr black in as many months, coming after the new Mini reverb. Now we can add some octaves to our pedal board too!


Mr Black Octaves

With controls for Sub, Root and Upper, the Octaves mini pedal seems super-simple to dial in. The Sub knob controls the lower octave, Upper controls the higher octave and Root is your original signal. This pedal is a polyphonic octave generator, so you can play chords, too. The Octaves also applies a a subtle vibrato on the processed signal, which gives it a little movement and judging by the video demos it should help it stand out nicely.

Mix and Blend

That’s a lot of functionality for a pedal this small. It’s a simple layout that gives you all you really need for this kind of effect. When set to 12 o’clock, the pedal is set-up to give you unity gain for each voice. When dialled clockwise fully it adds +3 dB. When you dial it counter-clockwise fully it just cuts the signal completely, so you can mix/blend your desired octave effects to taste.

This pedal is true bypass and runs from an external 9-Volt negative tip power supply. As ever, I am pretty impressed with Mr Black’s latest offering and think this has a lot going for it given the price tag.

RRP – USD 99.95 due out 23 August

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Mr Black Mini Octaves pedal

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