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Mr Black Mini Reverb

Mr Black Mini Reverb  ·  Source: Mr Black

The latest Mr Black mini pedal is simply called Mini Reverb. It’s a compact pedal, so not much rrom for loads of controls here. And although there are only three wee dials, this thing can go from retro-vibe plate reverbs to huge, lush cathedrals of sound.

Mr Black Mini Reverb

The mini dials are labelled Wet/Dry, Tone and Decay. That’s just about as simple as you can get. But the new Mr Black Mini Reverb covers a lot of bases. You can go from dynamic retro ’50s-style studio plate to more modern sounding concert halls – and it will even do the endless cave thing, as well.

Mr Black Mini Reverb pedal

Mr Black Mini Reverb pedal

Pedalboard Friendly

Mr Black pedals are all hand built in Portland, Oregon, USA. Designed by Jack DeVille, this is the latest effect in his series of mini pedals, following on from the recent Mini-Echo Delay and Mini Chorus

This pedal will appeal to players that need some quality reverbs but don’t want a huge ultra-programmable affair with onboard supercomputer and endless parameters. This baby is super pedal board friendly, has true-bypass switching  and draws only 60mA of power. As with all of the pedals in this series, it is well priced and I think it packs some serious sonic punch for its size, too.

RRP – USD 99.95

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