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OPFXS Asteroide sampler and harmoniser  ·  Source: YouTube/OPFXS


The new Asteroide sampler and harmoniser pedal from OPFXS manages to pack both dual or single mode sampling, low octaves, high harmonics and more. This compact unit could be the perfect pedal for the lone guitarist, helping thicken up their tone and creating fuller phrases.


OPFXS Asteroide

Italian manufacturer OPFXS‘ new Asteroide pedal has plenty of great features, including controls for both dual or single mode sampling, fundamental, low octave, high harmonics, 2nd harmonic and mix, plus dedicated sample and bypass footswitches. You also get a transparent dry signal path, along with a stereo output, which should allow you to retain your guitar’s original tone.


OPFXS Asteroide sampler and harmoniser

OPFXS Asteroide sampler and harmoniser


By sampling a low note you can then create a whole wealth of harmonised backings. Press the SAMPLE footswitch once to sample, or keep it pressed down to sustain a sampled note indefinitely. You can then tweak the pedal’s control knobs to mix the dry signal with the sampled one. This can be set to either fundamental, low octave, or higher harmonics settings, allowing you to create your sounds easily, and on the fly.

You can even sample two notes by switching into the pedal’s DUAL mode, so that sampled notes will then be played back as a chord. The  BYPASS footswitch erases the sampled note/s and puts the pedal in bypass mode.

Harmonies and more

If you are looking for a simple way to thicken your guitar sound, create harmonies, or just get textural and experimental, then the new OPFXS Asteroide pedal might be the way forward. You can hear the pedal in action in the official demo video below. I would advise taking a minute to watch through it, so you can really hear what the pedal is capable of.

I like its simple and easy to use design. No faffing around with menus or programming, just grab a control and tweak it as desired.

RRP – EUR 180


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