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Old Blood Noice Endeavors Flat Light

Old Blood Noice Endeavors Flat Light  ·  Source: Old Blood Noice Endeavors


Old Blood Noise Endeavors obviously thinks you should be getting more from your flanger. Flat Light is a new flanger pedal with more than just the standard regular modulation effects you would expect. The built-in pitch shifter should help distinguish the Flat Light from other run-of-the-mill flangers and make it stand out from the crowd.


Old Blood Noise Endeavors Flat Light – Three modes

The Flat Light Flanger offers three different operating modes: Detune for chorus-like sounds, Resonate for highly resonant, more metallic tones and Echo for Hall-like delays. The three modes are selected via a small toggle switch in the middle of the effects unit.

Shift and Tilt

The Shift control on the right adds additional frequencies to the overall sound of the effect and the Tilt footswitch temporarily sets the rates of rate and shift. That allows you to quickly ’tilt’ the effect in real-time, a bit like nudging the sound with your foot.

There’s an input for an external expression pedal on the side of the unit. The two Rate or Shift parameters can be controlled together as well, adding even more ‘hands-free’ control to the effect. That should let you coax more interesting tones from the effect when playing live. The internal trim pot allows the maximum output of the effect to be set. A bit of an odd place to put this, but with the expression options and three modes being easy to access, I can deal with it being hidden away.

Versatile and unique?

Not just your basic flanger, this one! It appears to be far more experimental and ethereal than a regular flanging effect, so if you are looking for something with lots of tweakability and control options, then this could be one to put on your radar. I’m a big fan of flanger pedals anyway, so this thing is a little like a flanger from heaven!

The Old Blood Noise Endeavor Flat Light requires the standard 9 Volt supply. It’s available for order via their website and will ship in March.

RRP – USD 199

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