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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2  ·  Source: Old Blood Noise Endeavors


Old Blood Noise Endeavors has just released a new version of its Fault overdrive. Fault V2 is a dual gain overdrive that goes from clean boost to full-on distortion, with a huge range of tones. And as ever with this company, it does it in style.


Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2

This striking looking new overdrive/distortion pedal from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is called the Fault V2. The first thing you notice that’s changed compared to V1 is the three sliders that take centre stage. Those controls make it stand out – along with the orange and cream paint job!

So what’s new under the hood? This new V2 version takes the original design further with a greater gain range, voice control and new clipping options. The three sliders are a three-band EQ (Low is a 100 Hz shelf filter, Mid is 500 Hz bell and High is 3 kHz).


The EQ is coupled with a circuit that can go from boosted clean to full on dirt, pushing your amp into heavy gain territory. The pedal has two Drive controls, paired with a Volume and Voice knob. Gain 1 sets the intensity of the pedal’s first gain stage while Gain 2 is activated by the second footswitch – for when you need more. The two gain controls are interactive, OBNE says, so you potentially have a wealth of drive tones at your fingertips here.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2 · Source: Old Blood Noise Endeavors


Voice, Boost & Crush

The Voice control sets the overall tone of your drive before it heads into the pedal’s 3 band EQ. The Boost switch sets the overall gain of the Gain 1 control. But we’re not finished yet. The Crush control and adds one final clipping stage right before the pedal’s output. Just in case you didn’t have enough control over your gain structure without it…


I would advise, as usual, to check out the official demo video below and see what you think.


  • Dual gain overdrive pedal – goes from clean boost to all-out distortion
  • 3-band EQ with sliders – low, mid and high frequencies
  • Gain 2 channel – lets you go from light overdrive to heavy distortion
  • Boost switch – sets range of Gain 1 knob from clean to mean
  • Crush switch – add an additional post-EQ clipping stage
  • Relay bypass switching
  • Standard 9VDC centre negative power

The new Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2 is due out very soon. This could be a great little drive pedal for players looking for a super flexible overdrive/distortion effect.

RRP – USD 209 / EUR 229

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault V2

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