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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3 pedal

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3 pedal  ·  Source: Old Blood Noise Endeavors


Old Blood Noise Endeavors has just released a new, updated version of its popular chorus pedal. The Reflector Chorus V3 pedal now has more scope and control for your modulation effect. With a more refined sound and a new reverb chorus mode, this chorus should be a lot of fun to play around with.


Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3

The  Reflector Chorus V3 combines pitch shifting, flanging and a multi-voice chorus effect, all in one pedal. The unit has a pretty simplistic four-knob control setup that consists of Rate, Depth, Mix and Modulate. These are then complemented by a single mini-toggle switch that sets the main chorus mode; you can choose between Wrinkle a pitch-shifted chorus, Washed reverb/chorus and Mirrors a resonant filter into chorus setting.

I like the addition of the new Washed mode. It does add something usable to an already very good chorus pedal. It looks easy enough to dial in, so this could be a great pedal for players looking for a neat modulated sound but with the ability to go further than just a bog standard chorus pedal.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3

Extra control

There’s also a handy expression jack input for external control of the Rate or Modulate parameters. You also get an internal trim pot to control the output level of the effect, which you can set and forget.

The pedal also uses a soft switch for relay bypass switching, meaning you won’t hear a big pop/click when you engage the effect, so it won’t ruin your lovely chorus warbled guitar passages.

Powered by a standard 9V DC centre negative power supply, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector Chorus V3 should fit easily enough on to any pedal board setup. I would recommend watching the official demo video below as it goes through the effect in depth and gives am overview of the kinds of sounds you can achieve with it.

RRP- USD 199

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