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Whilst this isn’t a major update for Logic users, it’s these continued little fixes and improvements that can save hours of time wasting. For the most part this update provides many bug fixes that improve stability and reliability. The only new feature streamlines workflow for those who work with USB MIDI controllers.


The new feature comes in the form of a new preference pane for easier “automatic assignment of controls for supported USB MIDI control devices to be enabled and disabled”. As many users of Logic do a lot of MIDI and programming work, I imagine several users will find this tool very easy. Setting up these types of MIDI controls ought to be this easy these days anyway.

The update also implements fixes for solving several cases of unexpected crashes and freezes. To see a comprehensive list of these cases and some more individual bug fixes, follow the link below. There could be something very relevant to you. It’s great to see Apple continually providing updates like this.

There aren’t any reports yet of this update causing other problems, so if you’re on Logic Pro 10.2.x, assume it’s safe to proceed with the update. Obviously, the advice is always to backup your system before running any updates, just in case you need to restore back to an earlier version. To do this I highly recommend: Carbon Copy Cloner.

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    i am looking for logic pro -x for window
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  2. albert says:

    hai do you sale logic pro software for windos usage

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