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Apple Logic Pro 11

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UPDATE: A preview version of Logic Pro 11 was spotted at WWDC 2019 on 3 June, running on a new Mac Pro. We understand it can run 1,000 audio tracks, but that’s all we currently know. More details as we get them…



Over the weekend, Apple released an update to Logic Pro X, version 10.4.4. It contained a few minor fixes and not much of note. The update’s timing is interesting, however, for Apple released it two weeks earlier than usual. Could this mean there’s something more in the works?

At almost six years old, Logic Pro X is the most comprehensive DAW you can purchase for EUR 229 on a Mac. But we are thinking enough time has passed to warrant a major update – either Logic Pro X 10.5 or Logic Pro XI.


With version X, Apple laid down a solid platform for its digital audio workstation. But, over the years, despite keeping its interface simple and accessible, the app has become rather cluttered in terms of functionality and content. I believe it’s time for a bit of streamlining and, perhaps, introducing more AI-powered goodness in addition to Drummer. That, and I’m sure there are plenty of sensible user/focus group-requested features to consider.

Could a bold new Logic release become one of this month’s biggest surprises? While we are patiently waiting for NAMM in hopes of learning more about Apple’s plans, Logic Pro X 10.4.4 is available as a free update in the App Store. What would you like to see in a new Logic Pro release? Let us know in the comments section below.

Apple Logic Pro 11

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30 responses to “Is there a major Logic Pro X update or Logic Pro 11 around the corner?”

    Joel says:

    Realistic ai guitars pls !!!

    Elijah Garcia says:

    I would like to see no more system overload pop ups and a EXS32 bit sampler and for 24 bit too instead of only doing a 24. Why not do a EX that can do 32 & 24 bit. That should’ve been done!! Ultrabeat synth is not that cool.

    BOISSINOVA says:

    I just want to type search for my plugins!!!!! That’s LITERALLY ALL.

    Nathanael says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty certain it will be version 10.5. The X branding will be with us in Logic Pro and Final Cut for a while yet. But I would be surprised if it wasn’t a major new release.

    Wentzel Naidoo says:

    Hi Apple it Would be really nice if Logic Pro X Introduces on the next update a True “Buss” Compressor for stereo buss or sum Groups Like the SSL G Buss & Also it’s own LFO Tool so we can stop using third party plugins that’s eating up our cpu power…
    Also a Really lite transparent version’s of most used/basic plugin’s & Frequency masking tool , Sometimes we just want a quickly use a Lite visual low cut ,high cut or troubling frequency at the same time with less cpu power & the filtering on the Simple Eq is not as smooth to put first in the chain it is messing with the audio quality…
    Ultrabeat is too complicated too quickly get a groove going yet take up too much cpu yet does not sound as good as Reason drum machine or ableton live.
    Please look into this Apple but with everything else I am a Proud User.
    Much Thanks .Wentzel Naidoo

    Andy Pryce says:

    Update Sampler and Drum Machine. Update rest of the old GUI plugins
    Move channels freely on the mixer.
    Add plugins to browser with drag and drop and search and favorites folder.
    Do not reload everything when changing Audio driver or buffer please.

    Joe Smith says:

    Sound quality needs a update

    Mac says:

    Recording 32bits flotant

    Mac says:

    Logic remote ,mettre la page d’arrangement

    rob says:

    Really? Apple abandoned the Logic like a redhead child. The metering on a mixer is a mess, inaccurate, small and no way of resizing . New VI sound “plastic”. EXS24 hasn’t been touch in ages, not only sounds but overall look. Only one reason I still use it is the drummer, that thing is fantastic I only wish it had more genera in many styles. Thats my 2 cents and you dont have to agree.

    Shedrick says:

    I’d like to see vocalin native with in the Logic DAW, so to be able to have a tool to a line background vocals without using a 3rd party plugin. Also customization of the interface to change screen colors. Other than that I can’t think of any other features

    Please says:

    Audio Effect Racks, Audio Effect Racks, Audio Effect Racks…thats all. Honestly Logic is falling waaay behind without them. Thats definitely one of the main differences that’s keeping Ableton ahead.

    Some new stock plugins are needed as well. Ableton has erosion, saturator(thats actually decent), freq shifter, a vocoder that isn’t completely trash, etc. It’s time to catch up.

    It isn’t all bad though. Logic still has the best stock compressor selection between DAWs with the last update. Still has the stock reverb selection. Alchemy is amazing (still need to do something with EXS24 for groups of samples). And the UI is still the best IMO…..I guess the point of this rant is to say that Apple can be the leader if they just take a look at what everyone is going to other DAWs for and add them to the platform. I really want to stay with Logic but if the gap widens any more most won’t have a choice.
    /im pretty sure this is going to fall on deaf ears

    Jacqui Brookes says:

    Chord track as in Studio One and Cubase. Please.

    Shane says:

    Be able to use smart tempo to correct tempo/transients while still having the metronome on. And something as small as being able to change the theme of the aesthetics from dark to a lighter white/grey theme like the latest Mac OS update.

    carlos says:

    A step seq !! for controlling any parameter into a midi effect ! now there is LFO modulation and just for some logics parameters / midi controllers

    Persijn says:

    Kontakt5 friendly
    Screen colors
    Convincing hornsection
    Vi guitars

    Jordi Guillem says:

    Region/clip Opacity Control! Having the option to control the transparency of the clips, and being able to see the grid behind it (like in PT), would be a huge help to edit. Thanks!

    Dion wilson says:

    I would love to see more horse power out of it, I work with a lot of tracks and plug-ins, sometimes I can’t finish my project because it runs out I/o space

    J.B. says:

    Add many more genres for the drummer. (i.e.- Harlem style beats, Heavy Metal, Those are FANTASTICALLY produced. Add more strings variations. Please improve your brass/woodwind quality. Add more SFX – i.e. – cars passing by; more raining variances; vinyl sfx. Add more oriental instruments.

    Frankie says:

    I would like to see a mastering suite that caters for embedding on wav files.

    Jimmy says:

    The ability to group grouped busses. Parallel master channels. Updated ESX-24. Over sampling on eqs and comps. Per session labeling of i/o busses et al. Flex pitch is good but still needs work. better ARA implementation. Replace sample in session ala Studio One. Sizing of inspector windows.

    Miles K says:

    Full iPad Pro version please!!!!!!

    Modena says:

    I would like to see a vocal harmoniser plug in which could record
    harmonies to separate tracks. Also volume on regions in the arrange page.
    To finish, a major upgrade of the ESX sampler.

    Stephen Jimenez says:

    Real progressive acoustic drums please. We all would love some emphasis in the realm of jazz, metal, progressive rock, and polyrhythm/odd-time signatures. It would also be wonderful if y’all could add a euro-modular-synthesis type rack. (Check our Reason and hardware based modules. One more thing: how about add some quality orchestra instruments that are sonically rich, which would include more acoustic pianos. Ya know I appreciate you folks considerably. Remember to alway seek to improve the sonic output, as to make the music magical🕊

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