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Logic Pro X 10.4.2 Update

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Small by Logic Pro X standards, but supremely useful is how we’d describe the latest update to Apple’s $199 DAW. Version 10.4.2 adds the long-requested option of relocating LPX’s Sound Library to an external storage device so you can move those Apple Loops out of your SSD’s way and onto your bigger, but slower hard drive, for example.


Smart Tempo has grown even smarter with the ability to analyse tempo data across multi-track recordings and non-quantized MIDI performances, and define the Project Tempo. Likewise, imported multi-track stems can now follow or define the Project Tempo.

Alchemy, the Camel Audio-developed synthesis powerhouse, has received drag-and-drop “hot zones” where you can import audio while selecting re-synthesis and sampling options. There’s also numerical editing of parameter values now.

Other interesting changes to Logic Pro X in version 10.4.2 include a new mixer mode where channel strip fader and pan controls can be used to set send level and pan. You can also add photos to your track or project notes so you can easily remember details like outboard gear settings for different songs. There was a third-party plug-in floating around that was doing the same thing.

As a whole, I’m glad the Logic team has focused on meaningful user experience improvements that probably stem from actual user feedback in this update. Along with the usual stability and performance fixes, version 10.4.2 turns Logic Pro X into an even nicer DAW than it used to be before it. And that’s what updates are supposed to do, right?

More information & download

Update your copy of Logic Pro X through the Mac App Store. That’s also the only place where you’ll find the DAW available for purchase if you are yet to acquire it. If you need any other information about Logic Pro X, head over to its product page on the Apple website.


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