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Nomad Factory Analog Studio Rack Plugin

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This is the third release from Nomad Factory since Plugivery took over following Bernie Torelli’s unfortunate passing in January. The current team of developers have been busy working on Bernie’s life’s work, bringing them to reality. We reported on the previous release ‘Drum Tools‘ here. Analog Studio Rack was reportedly “Bernie’s baby” and is aimed at being the most “versatile all-in-one analog channel strip plug-in”.


Analog Studio Rack

Drum Tools has been well received since it was released earlier this year. Another release, Bus Driver, was initially free on its launch (and is still only 5 bucks!). I’ve used it several times and was quite impressed. Nomad Factory, presumably with the help of Bernie’s work, have certainly cracked that ‘analogue vibe’ required from plugins for mixing ‘in-the-box’. Some manufacturers build their plug-ins to offer a recognisable ‘colour’, and I expect this will be evident with this new analogue channel strip-style plug-in.

Analog Studio Rack appears to be a series of modules presented in the currently very popular 500 series style format. The ‘rack’ can be made up of your selection of these modules, and via a drag and drop method can be placed in any order. I like this concept a lot, both visually and for the flexibility of creating your own processing chains. I’m a huge fan of iZotope’s Alloy2 plugin, which is also modular with a very ‘analogue vibe’, but I find changing the processing order of the modules via a separate window frustrating.

Modules included are: pre-amp, gate/expander, compressor/limit, exciter, 2 types of EQ and a bus compressor. The analogue emulation includes valve circuitry inside the preamp module that you can drive and two types of EQ, one of which is obviously based upon analog SSL desks. This all reads well and I’m certainly tempted to give the plug-in a run on my next mix.

More Information and Pricing

Visit Plugivery‘s webpage for more information, but the best info and purchasing can be made on Don’t Crack’s website. There’s also the option to download a demo from Don’t Crack which is fully functional for a 240 hour/10 day working trial period. There’s an introductory offer of only 39 USD which is very generous. The regular price will soon become 199 USD. Each module can also be purchased separately.


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