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Nord Wave 2

Nord Wave 2  ·  Source: Nord

Nord Wave 2

Nord Wave 2  ·  Source: Nord

Nord is introducing the Nord Wave 2 – a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable and have covered it with controls.

Nord Wave 2

The idea is that the Wave 2 gives you 4 synthesizers in one machine. These appear as 4 layers which can work independently or, more interestingly, can be grouped together and run through the same envelope and filter settings as a coherent multi-layered mega-synth.

Each layer can run as one of the 4 modes: Virtual Analog, Sample, FM or Wavetable. And they can split or layered as you see fit and share up to 48 note polyphony.

VA has the usual waveforms but with cool shape control. And you can combine 2 or more waveforms with adjustable detuning. There are soft and hard sync configurations and you can also mix in some white noise.

Samples are all about the Nord Sample Library 3.0 of which the Wave 2 comes with 1GB preinstalled. But using the revamped Nord Sample Editor 3 software for MacOS or Windows you can import and create your own sampled instruments and map them and loop them etc.

In Wavetable mode apparently there’s a “large number of advanced wavetables” which is nice and FM gives 2, 3 or 4 operator configurations with harmonic and inharmonic variations.

The filter section offers 6 filter types including 12 and 24 dB low, high and high/low plus a band pass filter and an emulated Minimoog ladder filter. The filter section has its own ADSR envelope.

For modulation there are 2 dedicated LFOs for each layer with a choice of waveforms and AD/AR modulation envelope with dedicated velocity setting an invert mode. The VCA has its own ADSR.

Nord talks about the Impulse Morph feature which sounds very interesting. Apparently most of the parameters can be morphed between settings and that morphing can be controlled via velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel or pedal. It can all be assigned by the panel next to the mod wheel. We could do with more detail on how all this works.

Rounding it off is a powerful polyphonic arpeggiator and a chunky effects section.

There’s been no massive design departure for the Wave 2, it fits nicely with the rest of the range. All the controls are out on the panel and I can imagine this could be a magical and powerful performance synthesizer for people looking for big sounds and lots of wide possibilities.

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  1. pfrf says:

    Nice! Big surprise. The Wave 1 is a fantastic synth, can’t wait to try this.

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