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Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave  ·  Source: Groove Synthesis


The website says it’s arriving in 2022 but Groove Synthesis has said nothing more about the 3rd Wave Advanced Wavetable Synth. What do we know so far?


3rd Wave

It’s a funny time to tease a synth what with Superbooth being just over a week ago. But then Berlin is a long way to come for a California based synthesizer firm. Via an Instagram post and some detective work via the Elektronauts forum, here’s what we know so far.

3rd Wave is evidently inspired by that mother of wavetable synths the PPG. It appears to have three layers of wavetable with waveform selection, pitch, offset, and level. Above the wavetable layers is a Wavetable Envelope section which is presumably envelope modulation for the wavetables. Next, there’s a low pass filter and a state variable filter section alongside an LFO and sequencer panel. On the right, there are three more envelopes, an arpeggiator and preset selection. Rounding it off we have what looks like more modulation.

In the centre is a nice big screen displaying multiple waveforms and has plenty of buttons to give you a solid menu diving experience. The other key feature is the Wave Surfer knob which is probably some fabulously innovative way of scanning through waveforms.

According to Instagram user “peff” (A.K.A Kurt Kurasaki) the “3rd Wave is soft launching soon” and proceeds to give us a rather delicious demo. According to his website, peff was involved in the preset design of the new OB-X8 and Sequential Take 5 amongst many other things.


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There’s some discussion over who is actually behind Groove Synthesis but at the moment it’s best to wait and see what’s revealed in its own good time. It’s an exciting looking keyboard, mashing together wavetables and filters in a tantalisingly hands-on way.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

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