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Carl Martin PlexiRanger pedal

Carl Martin PlexiRanger pedal  ·  Source: Carl Martin


Yes, it looks like we will be getting a Plexi-style pedal with an added Treble Boost. The new Carl Martin PlexiRanger manages to pack two great tones into one compact effect pedal.


Plexi with Treble Boost

The new Carl Martin PlexiRanger is exactly the thing * between PlexiTone * and the Single Channel PlexiTone *, at least if the pedals housing size is anything to go by. In addition, it is also an overdrive with the classic sound of a Marshall Plexi, plus a separately activated and rather handy boost stage.

We don’t have all the details yet, as it has only just surfaced on the web. Therefore, it still has a few mysteries that are yet to be solved.

Carl Martin PlexiRanger

Carl Martin has used the Plexi-style amp Volume, Gain and Tone controls, plus the Boost Side Range, Frequency and Boost Volume . On top of that there is a three-stage LowCut section, which can be adjusted using a small switch at the top of the unit. In terms of sound, I think it should be pretty clear, maybe the low cut only applies to the boost and it could be used as a treble boost? We will have to wait and hear some decent audio demos to find out for sure.

Carl Martin PlexiRanger pedal

Carl Martin PlexiRanger pedal with Remote and Boost?


The remote input on the Carl Martin PlexiRanger is interesting. Not sure whether this simply activates the two effects in the pedal or whether other functions can be activated, or whether different controls can be set via expression?

Hopefully we will find out at NAMM. Then there is certainly the resolution of that LowCut puzzle and also the price. Could be a very useful pedal for players wanting classic Marshall sounds in a box. Which, lets face it, is a lot of guitarists out there.

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Carl Martin PlexiRanger pedal

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