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Fender American Originals 60s Telecaster Thinline and 70s Telecaster Custom

Fender American Originals 60s Telecaster Thinline and 70s Telecaster Custom  ·  Source: Fender

NAMM 2020 was an absolutely wild event for guitar players! So many things to spend money you don’t have on. It’s unbelieveable how the instrument keeps evolving year after year, decade after decade, with no stopping the innovation in sight. Here are the best guitar videos we made at NAMM 2020, featuring highlights and crowd winners right from the show floor!


NAMM 2020: ESP LTD ’87 Series Eclipse – Sound Demo

ESP is ahead of the curve in the run-up to NAMM 2020, having already announced a gamut of new instruments in Phase 1 and Phase 2. With one week to go, ESP has launched wave 3, with some classic ’80s ESP models in LTD formats for the new year. Plus new Steph Carpenter, Korn’s Head and Nergal signature models too!



NAMM 2020: PRS Silver Sky Nebula – Sound Demo

PRS launched the John Mayer Silver Sky model with maple neck and new colours. There is also a Limited Edition version, with a unique Sky Nebula finish:



NAMM 2020: Gibson Slash Les Paul Core V2 Sound Demo

In big news for Gibson’s global brand ambassador Slash, Gibson has announced a series of new signature models ahead of NAMM 2020. The releases include four new signature Les Pauls models and two J-45s acoustic guitars.



NAMM 2020: Ibanez Steve Vai PIA Sound Demo

Earlier this month, we got wind of a new Steve Vai signature model slated for release. Details were scant, but it turns out the rumours were true. The Steve Vai PIA guitar model is the result of the latest collaboration between Ibanez and the guitar legend.



NAMM 2020: Supro Clermont – Sound Demo

Two new Bigsby-fitted hollow bodied models from Supro! The US maker announced the rather lush-looking Conquistador and Clermont guitars. A design collaboration with Nashville’s Ford Thurst these double-cut, semi-hollow guitars have bags of style.



NAMM 2020: Fender Jim Root Signature Jazzmaster – Sound Demo

Fender and Jim have teamed up once again, to create a new, brutal-sounding Jazzmaster model, worthy of his characteristic fat riffs!



NAMM 2020: Gibson Original Series 70s Explorer – Sound Demo

The latest additions to Gibson’s Original Collection are two classic ’50s guitar shapes, but this year Gibson has decided on versions with ’70s styling. The rock vibe of the new Flying V and Explorer models conjure up images of hard-rocking 1970s rock acts playing chugging riffs and blues-soaked, warped pentatonic solos.



NAMM 2020: Ibanez Nita Strauss Signature – Sound Demo

Meet the latest additions to the Ibanez Nita Strauss signature JIVA family, the new JIVA X, JIVA10  and JIVA Junior models, launched at Winter NAMM 2020.



NAMM 2020: Beetronics Fatbee Overdrive – Sound Demo

The Fatbee Overdrive is a JFET overdrive pedal that mimics the characteristic break-up behaviour of a tube amplifier. The search for the holy grail continues. There are three well-known controls for shaping the sound – Honey, Flavor and Weight. That doesn’t tell you anything? Well, translated into English, it means Gain, Tone and Volume.



NAMM 2020: Walrus Audio MAKO D1 – Sound Demo

The new Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1  has five different delay programs – Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual and Reverse. Each of the five programs can be fully customised by using the Tweak knob, which has three settings.


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