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Supro Bigsby-equipped semi-hollow Conquistador and Clermont

Supro Bigsby-equipped semi-hollow Conquistador and Clermont  ·  Source: Supro

Two new Bigsby-fitted hollow bodied models from Supro! The US maker has just announced the rather lush-looking Conquistador and Clermont guitars. A design collaboration with Nashville’s Ford Thurst these double-cut, semi-hollow guitars have bags of style.


Let’s start out with the mundane part: the specs. The Supro Conquistador has a mahogany body with a three-piece mahogany neck. It has a a gold-foil single-coil in the neck and a PAF-style humbucker in the bridge position. The new Clermont, on the other hand, has a maple body and neck and this time is loaded with two gold-foil mini-humbucker-sized single-coil pickups.

Supro Conquistador and Clermont

Both of these semi-hollow models are factory fitted with Bigsby B7 trem systems. The main difference between the two is that the Conquistador comes with a nylon bridge and the Clermont a roller bridge. The latter may be a better match for the Bigsby trem system, but until players get their hands on them, we won’t know for sure. Both have what Supro calls a “50s wiring system” that is supposed to keep the high-end when the volume is rolled off. Sounds useful.

Both models have individual volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control.

Supro Conquistador and Clermont

Supro Conquistador and Clermont

Retro Style

There’s a lot of retro vibe going on here, obviously, with a few classic ’50s futuristic touches. The Jetsons meets classic rock? I like the overall aesthetics. Both models have some really neat features and nice pickup combinations as well.

These are definitely ones to go check out during Winter NAMM next week at Booth 6610. If you can’t make it to the show, be sure to check out the demo videos below.

MAP: USD 999 each

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