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Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz and the Conquistador Fusstortion  ·  Source:


Way Huge has announced the release of two interesting new fuzz pedals at NAMM 2017: the Russian Pickle and Conquistador Fuzzstortion. These look like a lot of fun to use and aim to put a big smile on the faces of fans of full-on noise.


Russian Pickle

This one is based on the classic BC183C Russian Big Muff tone from the ’90s, and very ‘Pumpkins’ like. It’s supposed to have less gain than a Swollen Pickle, but we’re told it has a big square wave-based fuzz for a “more focused” mid frequency response.

It’s got less controls than the Swollen Pickle, but judging by the video demos already on the net it seems to have great tones on offer. I can see this new fuzz pedal being popular with guitar and bass players alike.


Russian Pickle Way Huge Fuzz

Russian Pickle Way Huge Fuzz. Nineties fuzz tone in a box · Source:

Conquistador Fuzzstortion

To my ears, this baby provides some beautiful velcro fuzz. I do love this type of fuzz: spitty and raspy, with plenty of snarl to make you want to let rip and get filthy.

Plug in Baby!

Thankfully, Way Huge has had the foresight to put a gate in the circuit to contain the insanity or this thing would be hard to control at high volume. All you do to activate the gate function is back off the level your guitar’s volume knob, so as long as your signal stays behind the threshold of the internal gate then the Conquistador will play ball and be totally silent.


As soon as that threshold is breached, though, boy does it get filthy – I really like the demos (see below)!


Way Huge 

Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion

Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion. Vecro fuzz baby! · Source:

Check out the Premier Guitar demo below to hear these two in action.

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