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Way Huge Pork & Pickle

Way Huge Pork & Pickle  ·  Source: Way Huge


Jeorge Tripp’s Way Huge has announced its first ever pedal aimed at bass guitarists, the Pork & Pickle. It’s essentially the Pork Loin Overdrive and Russian-Pickle Fuzz from their guitar range squeezed into a new pedal and aimed at low-down dirty tones.


Pork & Pickle

This newly combined Pork & Pickle overdrive and fuzz pedal use the simple Volume, Drive and Tone controls of the Russian Pickle adds the Clean Tone and Clean Blend of the Pork Loin and adds an OD/Fuzz toggle switch, to allow you to switch between the two.

The Pork Loin was based on a modified classic British style preamp that lets you blend in enough of your original clean circuit to help your bass cut through a mix. It’s combined here with the Russian Pickle, based on the mid-’90s Electro Harmonix, Sovtek Russian built Big Muff. The Russian Pickle is a popular fuzz pedal with bass players and so you get the best of both worlds here.


In my opinion, these are already two pretty amazing pedals for guitar players  (I love my Russian Pickle) and to combine them both into one versatile dirt box and aim it at bass players makes perfect sense to me. The price is pretty good for both of these effects combined into one pedal and so I would probably want to check one out for my guitar as well, as I think it could work there, too.

Curve and Presence

Apparently you also get controls for the Curve and Presence side of the Pork Loin overdrive, so I reckon Jeorge has hidden them inside the Pork & Pickle, as he has a thing about having ‘extra’ hidden controls in many of his pedals. Normally, I’m not a big fan of mini pots hidden away somewhere, but as the pedal already has quite a few controls on its front panel, so I will let him off this time.

RRP – GBP 184 / USD 169

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Way Huge Pork & Pickle

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