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Rocket Surgeon Labs-Seratone Mood Altering bass fuzz pedal

Rocket Surgeon Labs-Seratone Mood Altering bass fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Nordstrand Pickups


Rocket Surgeon’s new Seratone pedal is a boutique fuzz effect designed specifically for your bass guitar. Its makers evidently think this unit can alter your mood, hopefully with a big fuzzy smile. With a smaller range of bass fuzz effects on the market, can this pedal break new ground?


Mood-Altering Fuzz

Hand-made by John “Dr Vatone” Contreras, the new Seratone is Rocket Surgeon’s debut effort, with Nordstrand Pickups taking on distribution. This new bass fuzz has been in development for two years, apparently, and now is finally ready to be released to the rigs and bloodstreams of all you bass players.

This unit is all about the fuzz: there’s no ‘clean blend’ pot, which is great, if a little unusual for a bass fuzz. It’s designed to work best with passive bass pickups, as the impedance will work better with the fuzz circuit’s input stage. Based on Transistor/Diode circuitry, this effect has a passive two-band High and Low eq section, plus a knob labelled Mood which controls how both the EQ filters work, modifying the signal before it reaches the last gain stage.


Rocket Surgeon’s Seratone is a true-bypass pedal, so it won’t alter your signal when it is not engaged. The circuits are all hand-wired by the good Doctor, who also tests each one ‘rigourously’ before shipping them out.

I love the graphics, but then again I have a bit of a raygun fetish. The lurid green and purple colour scheme is lush, and I look forward to hearing one in action in the flesh at some point as well. For now you can check out the official demo video below, which I thought sounded really good. There aren’t many bass fuzz pedals to choose from, so it is good to see a new one on the market.


RRP USD 249 plus shipping/taxes

Rocket Surgeaon Seratone product page


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Rocket Surgeon Labs-Seratone Mood Altering bass fuzz pedal

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