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Chowny Bass Fuzz Pedal

Chowny Bass Fuzz Pedal  ·  Source: Chowny


The new Chowny Fuzzster Bass Fuzz Pedal is designed in the UK by the UK Pedal Builders – though it is mostly manufactured in China. Chowny is based in Bristol and is focused heavily on bass guitars, making this new pedal a welcome addition to their line-up. After all, the Fuzzster is the first pedal from the Chowny stable.


Fuzzster Bass Fuzz

Emblazoned with a cool little robot graphic, the Fuzzster has a cool blue LED around the footswitch. All four knobs also light up, making it easy to see what you are doing on a dark stage, as the knobs have little tiny blue lights on them showing you where they are set.

The pedal sports both Clean and Fuzz control knobs, each allowing you to mix in as much of each signal into the mix and allowing you to keep your bass’s attack and tone intact. You can also dial in the fuzz to taste. I like this design and it makes perfect sense with bass, as you don’t want your carefully sculpted tone to turn to a fuzzy mush at gig levels.

Next up are the Tone and Sustain knobs. These allow you to dial in the amount of treble and sustain of the fuzz circuit. The tone can make that fuzz side of the circuit either really thin or dark depending on how you set it, so you can adapt it to suit your core clean bass tone. The Sustain adds more gain to the fuzz circuit and lets you crank up the fuzz to somewhere past ‘Pretty Filthy’ if you like that sort of thing (of course you do).

The Fuzzster Bass Fuzz needs a 9V DC external power supply to run, which is not included in the price. However, the pedal is so well priced that I cannot really complain. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the world of fuzz for all you bass players out there, I would highly recommend having a listen to their official demo video below in which Scott Whitley takes you through a few different settings and tones.



Chowny Fuzzster Bass Fuzz product page

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Chowny Bass Fuzz Pedal

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