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Rocket Surgeon Boris Fuzz

Rocket Surgeon Boris Fuzz  ·  Source: Nordstrand / Youtube


Rocket Surgeon aka Dr Von Füzzbrauer has just released the new Boris Fuzz, modelled on a particular 90s Russian circuit we all know and love. This looks like a lot of fun to play with, so if you like a bit of filthy dirt box action in your rig, you should check these out.


Boris Fuzz

The inspiration for the Boris Fuzz seems to have been a Russian Muff-style circuit of the 1990s. Expect that typical four-transistor dirt box tone synonymous with those Electro Harmonix fuzz pedals of the time. Those units definitely had a distinct tone, one that’s been a favourite with many players for years.

This modern-day incarnation of a classic Muff circuit is more than likely better-made than those old original pedals ever were, so this promises to be more reliable in terms of component choice and quality. The Russian Big Muffs were a simple circuit and yet boutique builders and pedal modders all love it, as even with its simple three-knob layout, it is highly tweakable.


The Boris Fuzz has a Nuclear/Doom Switch for adjusting the mid frequency, with Doom being your classic mids scooped sound and Nuclear which helps you cut through in a mix by giving you more mids, yet retaining the bass-heavy tone associated with this style of fuzz.

Weirdly, there is an internal trim pot for adjusting how bright the LED glows on the front panel. I have no idea why you would want to do this, but maybe some players are phased by LED brightness?

Dr Von FüzzBrauer has kept this interface simple, so you don’t get anything you don’t need distracting you. Yes, it isn’t cheap, but I would also say it isn’t really that expensive either for a good fuzz box, especially as it is all hand-made and has, I’d expect, been built with good quality modern components. I’m happy that Rocket Surgeon has added another good quality pedal to its line-up, as the Seratone bass fuzz looked great. Thumbs up fpr their 2017 output thus far!


RRP USD 219 plus shipping/taxes

Rocket Surgeon Boris Fuzz product page

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Rocket Surgeon Boris Fuzz

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