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Beetronics FatBee Overdrive

Beetronics FatBee Overdrive  ·  Source: Beetronics

Sounds like a swarm of bees! The first device in the new Babee Series, the Fatbee Overdrive is the boutique builder’s latest offering.

Babee Series

Beetronics launches the new Babee Series, compact and more affordable versions of its regular boutique effects, saving valuable space on the pedalboard while protecting the wallet. The first in this new lineup, the Fatbee Overdrive was created in collaboration with Howard Davis, truly an icon in the world of effects devices. His most famous development is probably the Deluxe Memory Man.

Beetronics FatBee Overdrive

Beetronics FatBee Overdrive

Beetronics Fatbee Overdrive

The Fatbee Overdrive is a JFET overdrive pedal that mimics the characteristic break-up behaviour of a tube amplifier. The search for the holy grail continues. There are three well-known controls for shaping the sound – Honey, Flavor and Weight. That doesn’t tell you anything? Well, translated into English, it means Gain, Tone and Volume.

In my opinion, the pedal does exactly what it promises. It sounds fat and round, while being sticky and golden, like honey.

Beetronics FatBee Overdrive

A work of art inside and out

Small work of art

I really like the arrangement of the potentiometers on top of the housings, since there is no risk of changing the settings with your foot. It also reminds me of old effects from the 1960s.

If you haven’t heard of the company yet, I recommend a “detour” to the manufacturer’s website. The attention to detail is incredible. Even the guts of these pedals basically have small works of art inside and you almost regret that you can’t turn the boxes inside out.

I also liked the demo video Beetronics released for the Fatbee Overdrive. It’s funny and yet still gives an insight into what the pedal does.

You can check out demo videos of how the device sounds below.

The devices are “designed and built” in the sunny California, USA.

RRP – EUR 209

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