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NAMM 2020- Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S, build your own drive without soldering

NAMM 2020- Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S, build your own drive without soldering  ·  Source: Korg

Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S

Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S with NuTube 6P1  ·  Source: Korg


Have you ever wanted to build your own guitar effects pedal? Well, now you can! And without using a soldering iron, so no burnt fingers! The new Korg Nu:Tekt OD-S is a kit-form overdrive pedal that you can build and mod yourself.


No Soldering Required

The latest addition to Korg’s Nu:Tekt series, the Nu:Tekt OD-S pedal comes in the form of a kit that you can assemble yourself. What’s great about this kit is that it is solderless, so even a complete novice with no experience in electronics can put it together.

The drive utilises Korg’s Nutube technology, which, according to Korg’s website, will give you a “warm sound and rich harmonic response”. I’m sure with tube-like characteristics, it is a really good choice for a drive pedal.

Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S

Korg Nu-Tekt OD-S with NuTube 6P1

Nutube 6P1

The pedal circuit uses Korg’s Nutube 6P1 analogue triode vacuum tube. Nutube technology is meant to reproduce the characteristics and harmonic content associated with conventional tubes, but in a much more stable and energy-efficient manner.

Korg give you the choice between two different types of overdrive when making the OD-S, and there is a handy true-bypass option as well. Now, I have built a few effect pedals in my life and so I know for a fact that once you finish your first one, you will want to build another one.

Nutube 6P1

Nutube 6P1 based overdrive circuit

Mod it!

Plus, with this Nutube 6P1 as the basis for the pedal’s core tone, you know that at some point you will want to tweak it and modify the circuit further. Because its assembly requires no soldering, maybe we will see a wealth of third party mods available as kits in the future.

The pedal has two Gain controls, and a Volume and a Tone knob. I think if it sounds good and the price is right, this pedal could be a winner. Maybe the first of many.


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