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Korg Nu-Tekt HD-S and Nu-Tekt TR-S- DIY pedals?  ·  Source: Korg


The Korg Nu:Tekt HD-S “Harmonic Distortion” and the Korg Nu:Tekt TS-S “Power Tube Reactor”, supposedly offer an authentic tube amp feeling. The only thing is if you want one, well, you have to build it yourself first.


DIY Pedals?

Both the Korg Nu:Tekt HD-S and the Nu:Tekt TR-S are sold in a kit form. That means you have to put them together yourself. Though there is no soldering and all the tools required to make them come in the kit.


Based on Korg’s patent-pending Nutube technology each pedal offers an authentic tube amp-like feeling. That is if you believe the marketing hype. I’m not 100% convinced that any of the Nutube gear I have tried actually sounds anything like a real vacuum tube, but your mileage may vary.

Nu:Tekt HD-S

The Nu:Tekt HD-S contains three distortion circuits, the balance of which can be adjusted from smooth to aggressive by way of hidden controls found under a panel on the front of the pedal.

In addition to the Volume, Tone and Gain controls, an adjustable gate is also available.

Korg Nu:Tekt HD-S

3 hidden trim pot Distortion controls · Source: Korg

Harmonic Distortion

Once built this red pedal offer a ‘Harmonic Distortion’ and is fairly unique in that it can also create modulation effects depending on how you set those three hidden trim pots. Korg also states that it will work equally well on bass and synths.

Unfortunately, you will have to build it first and so you will require some patience and basic kit building skills.

Nu-Tekt HD-S

Nu-Tekt HD-S · Source: Korg

MSRP – GBP 199

Nu:Tekt TR-S

This Nu:Tekt TR-S is a grey-coloured unit and is described as a ‘Power Tube Reactor’ and this one offers an amp-like sag and power amp-like compression.

The standard controls consist of  Volume, Mix, Tube Gain, Power Sag and the three hidden controls Tone, Sustain and Threshold.

Nu-Tekt TR-S

Nu-Tekt TR-S · Source: Korg


This one could also be used to add some tube amp-like feel to a cooler amp or to add some extra feel and sag to your recordings.

The only video I have seen about these pedals, states that both pedals have very interactive controls and do not react like regular drive pedals. Nice to see Korg doing something different, but I’m not convinced that I would want to build the pedals myself.

Though, I know some people love making stuff and I can ‘kind of’ see the appeal of that aspect. I’m just too lazy!

MSRP – GBP 199

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4 responses to “Korg Nu:Tekt HD-S and Nu:Tekt TR-S: DIY pedals?”

    Knud says:

    The Power Tube Reactor is a great idea – and sounds good on the youtube videos arrived so far!

    Ab. says:

    ok… but why not using micro knows instead of trim pots ?

    It’s so unnecessarily inconvenient for so little cost savings

      NM says:

      Not to mention selling it for full price as a ‘Kit’?! Assuming it’s similar to the last one they released, they’ve essentially just skipped the assembly stage which seems like a really cheap move given they priced them at £200.

    Ian Philp says:

    Price is far too much, 200 quid is taking the p!??,

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