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Mooer GE300 Lite

Mooer GE300 Lite  ·  Source: The Gear Page

Mooer has just announced the new GE300 Lite announced at NAMM, a cutdown version of their flagship GE300 model.

Mooer GE300 Lite

The new Mooer GE300 Lite is basically a condensed version of the GE 300 model from last year, making it a big saving on space. The internal looper only has 30 seconds of mono record time and they have done away with the synth engine of the GE300 as well.

Hopefully the price will also be cut down. There are no details on the Mooer main site yet and the only uploaded demo video is from Musicradar, and it sounds awful.

Another one?

We are still waiting for more details and a decent demo of what it can do. It comes a little unexpected, as we only just saw the new GE150 model and GE250 model at the end of last year. Surely, one can make too many versions of one effects series?

Well, when we know more details we will let you all know.


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