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Elektron Digitone

Elektron Digitone  ·  Source: Elektron

Elektron has announced the Digitone polyphonic digital synthesizer. Following a now familiar form factor it features a powerful yet user-friendly take on FM synthesis.


8 voices of modernised FM synthesis, combined with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow and capable of producing unique tones and timbres.

Turn a few knobs, and something interesting and musically relevant is bound to happen.

As with the other recent Elektron units the Digitone features an integrated sequencer with 4 tracks of internal sequencing and 4 tracks for external devices. Scaling, different length tracks and probability controls make for a creative experience. Parameters can be locked per step and microtiming can shift your notes around to produce a more human feel.

With your 8 voices, you get 1 multi-mode filter, 1 base/width filter, 1 overdrive and 2 LFOs per voice. Send and master effects include a panoramic chorus, saturator delay, supervoid reverb and master overdrive. Everything is modulatable, editable and mess about-able. They worked hard to provide an easy-to-use interface to temper some of the complexity often found in FM synthesis.

It is of course fully compatible with the yet to be seen and almost mythical Overbridge software for tight integration into your DAW. We might see that this year, apparently.

The Digitone is available now for £699.

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Phylum Sinter
Phylum Sinter

Sold out already! let’s see how long it takes for them to meet demand… lovely concept and by all accounts briliant execution. I miss my sidstation, maybe this will be my reintroduction to the company.