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Elektron Digitone Keys

Elektron Digitone Keys  ·  Source: Elektron

It’s for real, it’s a little weird and they are calling it the Digitone Keys. It will unlock your sweet dreams while challenging your ideas of workflow and instrument design.

Digitone Keys

It’s certainly striking to look at. Maybe we have to leave it at that and let you make up your own mind about this fabulously strange elongated synthesizer. But let’s not get restricted by the paradigms of what we believe a synth should look like, right?

Digitone Keys is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard rolled up in a performance machine that is full of flourish. It is pressure sensitive with aftertouch, mod and pitch wheels and a bunch of new controls. You can assign them to all sorts of things and take the performance aspects of the Digitone to completely new places.

And then, of course, you have the full-on FM Digitone sound engine, but this time with added control, added tweaking, instant performance and more freedom to express yourself. You now get separate outputs for the synth tracks which is great for routing them route external effects and into other areas of trouble.

All the sequencing aspects of the Digitone are there, polyphonic, arpeggiators, micro timing, parameter locks and sounds-per-step changes. It’s basically the same deal but with a keyboard strapped on the side and some additional controllers. And the Digitone is awesome so this much awesome plus…. something.

The price is GBP 1180 and it appears to be available now.

Inspired by their Monomachine SFX-6 this has got to be the new Marmite of synthesizers. I know loads of people who adore the Digitone and so far all the responses I’ve seen to this have largely been disbelief. Can’t say whether that will end up good or bad but currently, we’re in shock.

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