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Tamago NFT-based streaming platform

Tamago aims to empower artists in the NFT space.  ·  Source: Tamago


With a “Bittorrent meets Soundcloud” manifest and plans to topple Spotify, Tamago presents its alpha version. Co-founded by the electronic music artist known as Clarian, the platform has partnered with NEAR Protocol, to become the blockchain’s official music streaming solution. Back in 2021, Clarion was quick to enter the NFT market, releasing Whale Shark, one of the first NFT-based albums ever created.


According to Clarion, “Tamago thrives on free-market monetization, aiming to put revenue back in the pockets of creators instead of massive companies like Spotify.” Tamago claims it will “open up direct and transparent revenue models through a mix of Web3 and NFT technology.”

What is Tamago’s vision?

Tamago’s founders believe in an entirely artist-curated listening platform with playlists driven by fans. This less invasive take on creator markets with a zero-ads policy is somewhat like what is offered by OpenSea and Patreon. Here though, the focus is more on P2P engagement and tailored sales of NFTs and other exclusive content. There are also promises of liquidity support providing 100% of creator revenue returned. Currently, the platform offers a collection of music hosted decentrally. Here, you can find electronic music artists like Tiga, Visionquest, Guy Gerber, Michael Mayer, and Guy J.

The full beta version of the Tamago site is on its way this month, offering the functionality for users to mint any track uploaded as an NFT. Once available you’ll be able to make an offer or buy songs with your NEAR wallet. There will also be the option for royalty splits, according to the percentages the artist decided on. This version will also offer a premium account, giving listeners the chance to browse previously unreleased content from the artists they follow.


Tamago co-founder, Clarion said, “We are thrilled to partner with NEAR on our shared vision to harness the power of Web3 and NFT tech to shake up mainstream airwaves. As an artist and music fan, I have always known there is a better solution out there for audio streaming defined by transparency and user experience instead of corporate greed. Tamago thrives on free market monetisation, aiming to put revenue back in the pockets of creators instead of massive companies like Spotify. We are a platform by and for artists and their fans.”

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Tamago NFT-based streaming platform

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2 responses to “Meet Tamago, a decentralized streaming platform focussed on creators”

    Ab. says:

    What a pile of turd.
    Another over-engineered crap full of buzzword

    Decentralized stuff has never worked because it’s too complicated (remember decentralized social network ?)

    NFT is an unnecessary, environmentally disastrous, over-complicated layer that won’t help artist getting paid

    It’s also blatant that there’s no sustainable business model for anyone involved and artists won’t come.

    If, by some weird luck the platform “works” with more than a few NFT enthusiasts artists, they will have to change their model to something much more boring (bandcamp or patreon like)

    Gearnews…. I know you have to fill your site with something, but can we avoid all the NFT-bigger-fool-scams and will-never-happen-Web3-buzzword


    marta says:

    that must be the 150th project of that kind since 2015…. Blockchain is an absolutely useless unreliable expensive and exclusive technology and is only about greed.

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