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Bandcamp Live

Bandcamp Live offers artists a streaming solution integrated into the platform.  ·  Source: Bandcamp


This week, Bandcamp announced that it now offers live streaming for artists in the form of a service that is integrated with the current Bandcamp marketplace infrastructure. What this means is when you choose to announce your live stream it is added to the Bandcamp Live calendar which is then promoted throughout the platform. By default, all your current followers are sent invites to your stream, and any ticket buyer or free concert attendee will automatically be added as one of your followers.


How does Bandcamp Live work?

These new fans from your live streams are informed of all your music and merchandise releases in the future, which allows this process to grow your audience continually as you grow as a performer. The option to choose between creating ticketed or free streams for your fans gives you the power to customize and coordinate your streaming schedule with the rest of your release drops, so you can stream free rehearsals to build up to a show, or showcase soon to be released material to your very own captive audience. In addition, fans attending your streams have access to all your music releases and merchandise while they watch your stream, with purchases made possible without missing a beat – and this feature is really simple to activate.

When it comes to releases, 50% of all purchases on Bandcamp are generated from music less than 90 days old, while 75% comes from music released in the last year. Unlike other subscription-based music platforms where the majority of listening is happening in back catalogues, the focus here is on new music so this certainly provides some incentive. Bandcamp Live seems like a great new tool for launching your album because of the way the release and streaming process works together. Bandcamp assures you they “do not worship Satan” and take only 10 percent of each transaction on the platform. Any payouts happen within 24-48 hours, so this makes for easy accounting and more time spent planning your next stream.


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Bandcamp Live

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