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McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter Plugin

McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter Plugin  ·  Source:

McDSP’s ML4000 is one of the most popular limiting and multi-band plug-ins available. I have used it a lot, finding it really powerful and fast to use. Whilst there never seems to be a limiter for every scenario, the ML4000 has ranked amongst the best for many professionals. Their new ML8000 isn’t a replacement for the 4000, but utilises the same limiting technology with an amazing 8 bands of multi-band dynamics. Is that too many?

McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter

So, is having 8 bands of multi-band dynamics just plain greedy? Well I don’t think so! There are definitely occasions when having this much control of a single element in your mix, or more likely a mix bus or master channel, is a powerful tool. After all, you don’t have to use them all.

I haven’t tried the new ML8000 yet, but a potential disappointment is not being able to remove a frequency band from the equation. Bypassing a band of the multi-band dynamics is not the same as using 6 rather than 8 bands for example, with overlapping crossover points. As I said, I can’t be 100% sure, but it appears this isn’t possible. I think that’s a shame.

I already know that the limiting stage of the plug-in will be fantastic. Sharing the same technology as the proven ML4000, this limiter will be amongst my favourites. The various limiting modes that are available, sound very different from one another and are really useful.

McDSP are known for continually making small improvements to their plug-ins, often with subtle nuances added to their features. I can already see a few small additions the ML8000 has over the ML4000 – so I suspect that there might be an update for the 4000 soon. It appears that the ML4000 will continue to be available, which is great news as it has become a ‘classic’ of the plug-in world.

Available Plug-in Formats

As with all McDSP plugins, the ML8000 will support Mac and PC systems in AU, VST and AAX formats. What’s more, they are one of the not-so-many manufacturers that support AAX DSP for Pro Tools HD users. By offering a plugin like this for HDX users, this provides an easy purchasing decision for many professionals.

More Information

Visit McDSP’s webpage for more information on the ML8000, and to trial or buy this powerful limiter. McDSP are giving an introductory offer on this new release of 129 USD for the Native version, or an extra 100 dollars for the HD version at 229 USD.


Here are a couple of YouTube videos taken from the McDSPTV channel. The first just introduces the plugin and the second takes a more detailed look.



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