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Lunatone Boost 18

Lunatone Boost 18  ·  Source: Lunatone

Denmark’s LunaStone has announced a new mini boost pedal named Boost 18. For something so diminutive it manages to pack in plenty of extra signal gain!

Boost 18

The LunaStone Boost 18 is a simple mini pedal that comes with a whole 18 dB of extra gain. That lets you kick in a bit more oomph, just when you need to stand out during a song. It has the simplest of layouts, which is generally what I am looking for in a boost pedal, apart from the sound. It consists of a single gain knob, LED on/off indicator and a footswitch. Their previous boost pedal The Pusher had 15 dB of gain, so this new one goes slightly further.

Lunatone Boost 18 pedal

Lunatone Boost 18 pedal goes beyond The Pusher

Clean gain

Ideally, you want a clean gain so as not to further colour your guitar’s tone. LunaStone reckon that this pedal will give you that in spades, so if you are looking for a compact boost for your board this could be perfect. Again, as I mentioned with their previous gain pedal, there are a lot of boost pedals on the market already at around this price point. The Boost 18 has a lot of competition, especially in the boutique world. It just tips over the $100 mark and that could be what pushes it slightly over the budget of some buyers. The street price might be lower.

It is, of course, true-bypass and runs of an external standard 9V DC, so it should fit easily onto most pedal boards without any fuss. I do like that it will go from unity gain up to 18 dB of boost, as that is plenty of gain for most players.

RRP – USD 109/EUR 109

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