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Lunastone Three-Stage-Rocket-MIDI-Medium-Res  ·  Source: Lunastone

Denmark’s Lunastone has just announced a new enhanced version of its Søren Andersen signature Three Stage Rocket overdrive pedal which, as its name suggests, now incorporates MIDI.

Lunastone Three Stage Rocket MIDI

The new version of Danish guitarist Søren Andersen’s Three Stage Rocket is a three-stage overdrive and boost pedal that can be integrated with MIDI equipment. This includes modelling amp pedals, DAWs and even your other effects units.

Big Fella Analogue

The pedal still has a  completely analogue signal path, with two stages of overdrive based on the Lunastone Big Fella overdrive. That’s rounded off with a boost section that can add +15dB either pre- or post-drive. The unit also uses Lunastone’s ‘soft touch’ footswitches to set up the MIDI channel/MIDI program changes. The idea is to let users control the unit easily without any need for a menu system or DIP switches.

Simple Control

Check out the official video below for Søren’s overview of his new signature overdrive pedal. It looks like a lot of pedal for the money and could be a great way for players to integrate a good quality analogue drive tone into their digital rigs or just to give your valve amp a few extra tonal options that you can control remotely.

You can run the Three Stage Rocket MIDI either from a 9V battery or an external power supply and it has true-bypass foot switching as well, so it looks pedalboard-friendly.

RRP – EUR 399 / USD 399

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